Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wailea, Maui Island, Hawaii

Coconut trees on Hawaiian beachHawaii is a tropical archipelago in the mid-Pacific ocean consisting of six main islands and some minor islands and atolls. The biggest the the southern most is Hawaii Big Island. North of Hawaii Big Island is the popular Maui island on which is Wailea located between the base of a dormant volcano and the ocean, thus giving you a varied environment to explore and enjoy. Wailea was included in the list of the country's 99 Best Recreational & Residential Private Communities in America. It is a resort community doted with award-winning luxury hotels, resorts, posh homes and condominiums frequented by celebrates, the rich and famous and honeymooners. Wailea hosts the Maui Film Festival every June when movie stars take in movies under the glowing stars in the Maui sky. Wailea is a pricey place to be in, so if you plan to visit Wailea, bring lots of cash. However, it is also possible to visit Wailea on a budget too. Refer to the bottom of the post.

Among the things that Wailea is famous for are championship golf courses, tennis clubs, some of Hawaii’s finest spa facilities, high class shopping, five crescent-shaped beaches. The Wailea Beach was named "America’s Best Beach" by Doctor Stephen P. Leatherman (also known as "Dr. Beach") in 1999. The ocean off the beach is also visited by groups of 1,500 to 3,000 spouting humpback whales which arrives each December and stays until May. Some of them swim so close to the beach that they can be seen from the land. You can join whale-watching cruises as well as sea kayaks if you want to get close with the giant sea creatures.

If you are visiting Hawaii, you are actually participating in ecotourism (tourism concentrating on local culture, wilderness adventures, involves travel to destinations where flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions. Well, Hawaii is full of natural and diversed flora, fauna and distinct cultural heritage. However, any travel will involve the burning of depleting fossil fuel and CO2 emission, contributing to global warming. However, there are ways of offsetting such carbon emission. There are many sites offering ways of offsetting carbon emission and one such site is ClimateCare.

If you plan to visit Wailea, better book your accommodation ahead of your trip. You can do this conveniently via Hawaiian Beach Rentals. You can book condominiums at Wailea Condominiums. You have a choice of 85 condominiums to chose from at the time of publishing. If condominiums are not what you want, you may also chose hotels from Wailea Hotels or Wailea Vacation Rentals (only 6 of them). If those are too pricey for you, try Wailea Vacation Deals, Discounts and Specials (5 to chose from).

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