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Paris for business, travel and leisure

Paris is a great city to visit. Not only for leisure, but for business too. It is also famous for its fashion and perfumes too. And add the honor of being the "Romance Capital of the World" and also the "The City of Light". The name "Paris" has something to it - something that perhaps one will describe as charisma. Just imagine, Disneyland Resort when it was first started was named "Euro Disney Resort". Nothing romantic or alluring to its name. Sounds more like something connected to the European currency, and the resort was losing money, with attendance, hotel occupancy and revenues falling below projections. When it was renamed "Disneyland Paris", it reported its first profit. Wonder if the fame of Paris Hilton has more to do with the name Paris or the name Hilton. I think the first as Paris is better known all over the world than Hilton. What is Hilton anyway. Just a hotel chain.

Paris as a business center

Paris is a major business center of Europe and of the world. Just imagine, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Paris alone is bigger than that of the whole of Australia, a continent country. La Défense, with its 150,000 daily workers and 3.5 million square meters of office space, is Europe's largest central business district (CBD). Euronext in Paris is the second largest stock exchange in Europe. The headquarter of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is located in Paris. The European Business School Paris (EBS) is also located in Paris.

Paris as a center for education, Science, and culture

Paris is well known as a center for education, Science, and culture, and it is fitting that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) be located in Paris, its capital city. There are other centers like the Académie Colarossi, Académie Julian, Académie Ranson, Académie de peinture et de sculpture, Académie des Beaux-Arts and Amphitheatre Anglais.

Paris, Romance Capital of the World, City of Lights, favorites of tourists

The above is a photo which almost every person currently on earth will recognize as the Eiffel Tower of Paris. It is in fact the icon for Paris. To many people, Eiffel Tower = Paris. And yet when its designer engineer, Gustave Eiffel, first proposed the plans for the tower to Barcelona for the Universal Exposition of 1888, the Consistory of Barcelona rejected it. What is Barcelona loss is now Paris gain, but not without controversy. Eiffel submitted his plans to those responsible for the Universal Exhibition in Paris and it was built in 1889. However, many in Paris then opposed its construction and considered it an eyesore. It is now one of the biggest tourist draw in the world and in fact was chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A visit to Paris is never complete without a visit to Eiffel Tower and a ride in the lift to the top for a spectacular of Paris's skyline.

But Eiffel Tower is not the only structure that draw tourist to Paris like bees to honey. There is Disneyland Paris and the Louvre, a museum which houses, among other things, the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci and the Glass Pyramid designed by world famous Chinese architect, I.M. Pei. The Arc de Triomphe is also a major attraction. You can climb to the top for beautiful view of Paris. And don't forget the Champs-Élysées, one of the most expensive piece of real estate in the world. You can also take a cruise on the scenic Seine River that flows through the middle of Paris or just stroll along its beautiful riverside. If you like ancient churches, there is the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The Moulin Rouge with its high kicking Can-Can dancers is another major tourist draw.

I have visited some but not all the places mentioned above when I went on a one day visit to Paris. Some obviously cannot be covered in a brief one-day visit, others were not built yet. I would like to go back again, but this time for a longer visit.

Hunting for accommodation only on arrival is a risky business and uses up your expensive time. A much better idea is to book accommodation ahead of arrival using one of the accommodation online booking websites like Paris Hotels. The French are very proud of their language and I should know having visited Paris and being a student in Dutch and French speaking Belgium for over 2 years. They would probably prefer you to refer to that website as Paris Hôtels. The Spanish, the French neighbour, I think will refer to the same website as París Hoteles

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Business, Travel cum Leisure in Australia

Why you should combine your business trip with leisure

Big businessmen and company CEOs (Chief Executive Officers), area managers, etc., often have to travel oversea on their business trips. Most of the time, they leave their family behind, and the family members feels neglected and they often miss each other's presence. I believe such globe trotting businessmen and company top executives and managers should at least once in a while take their family along on their business trips. It is only fair. In other words, combine business with leisure, business for the businessmen, etc, leisure for their family, and where the businessmen can spare the time, even join their family for their leisure activities.

However, in such cases, hotels are not an option, for hotels do not normally accommodate large group and also do not have facilities for cooking, etc., something that the accompanying family members may want to do. For that, they will have to consider serviced apartments. Not only that, serviced apartments are generally cheaper than hotels.

What are serviced apartments?

A serviced apartment is a furnished, self-contained apartment meant for both long-term, medium-term and short-term stays. The serviced apartment offers amenities that hotels do not offer, such as a kitchen or kitchenette with cooking and eating utensils. Serviced apartments usually are less expensive than hotels and well suited for large group traveling together. There are even businessmen who rent serviced apartments for their extended stay in a place where they spend long period for their business. It makes more economic sense than staying in a hotel.

Serviced apartments in Australia

Just like anywhere else in the world, Australia too have serviced apartments for rent in addition to hotels. And Australia is an interesting country continent to visit, for where else can you find unique animals like kangaroos, koala (often wrongly referred to as koala bears), Platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus), etc. Plus there are many cities in Australia famous as cultural centers.

Serviced apartments in Melbourne

Armadale Serviced Apartments MelbourneMelbourne is the state capital of Victoria located at the Port Phillip Bay in South-east Australia. It is a major commerce industrial center plus numerous cultural activity, so it will be no surprise to find businessmen traveling to Melbourne. Serviced apartments in Melbourne can be booked online via websites like Melbourne Accomodation where you can find service apartments like Armadale Serviced Apartments. Just look at the kind of facilities that Armadale Serviced Apartments include:

  1. Fully equipped kitchen with Fridge, Microwave & Oven

  2. Dishwasher (two bedroom apartments)

  3. Separate living area

  4. Reverse cycle air-conditioning

  5. Queen size beds (28) and/or twin singles

  6. Colour TV

  7. DVD player (request required for some apartments)

  8. Bathroom with full size bath

  9. All linen provided

  10. Iron & Ironing Board

  11. Radio/alarm clock

  12. Complimentary tea & coffee

  13. Hairdryer on request

  14. Guest laundry

  15. Security Intercom (two bedroom apartments)

  16. On-site car parking

  17. Resident Manger

  18. All apartments non-smoking

Tell me, which hotel, whatever star, can beat that?

Serviced apartments in Perth

Seashells Serviced Apartments PerthPerth is the capital city of Western Australia in south west Australia beside the Indian Ocean. Nice serviced apartments can be found in Perth Accommodation too like Seashells Serviced Apartments located on the Sunset Coast, a mere 15 minutes drive from Perth city center. And for your family, Seashells Serviced Apartments is conveniently less than 100 metres from the beach where they can get spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. Just perfect for that business cum leisure trip for you and your family in Australia.

Serviced apartments in Adelaide

Adelaide, the capital city of of South Australia is not called the City of Festivals for nothing. Festivals like the world famous Adelaide Festival of Arts, Fringe Festival, Adelaide Film Festival, Adelaide Festival of Ideas, Adelaide Writers' Week, the Feast Festival, and not forgetting WOMADelaide which is Australia's premier world music event. Timed your business trip to Adelaide with one of the many festivals in Adelaide and bring your family along for they will enjoy the festival atmosphere there while you go about with your business. Get your serviced apartment from Adelaide Accommodation. There will be plenty of serviced apartments like Quest Mansions Serviced Apartments Adelaide, a 3 to 5 star accommodation.

Quest Mansions Serviced Apartments is located at 21 Pulteney Street, Adelaide South near to the city center. If your family is interested in vineyards, the world famous vineyards of the Barossa and Clare Valleys is nearby. Like old historic buildings towns? The old German town of Hahndorf is just a short drive away.

Serviced apartments in Brisbane

Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland is located beside the Pacific Ocean. Business and industries in Brisbane include Information Technology, financial services, petroleum refining, stevedoring, paper milling, metalworking and railway workshops. Tourism is also a top draw and Brisbane can be considered as a gateway to other areas of Queensland.

For accommodation, book them online at Brisbane Accommodation where you can find apartments like Abbey Apartments which is located at 160 Roma Street, Brisbane right in the heart of the Brisbane Central Business District. It is directly opposite the Brisbane Transit Center and a short walk to the Queen Street Mall Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane Convention Center and Suncorp Stadium.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Travel ends in Australia? Get Life Insurance There

If your travel ever lead you to Australia, the island continent, you might just be tempted to end your travel there just like my sister and her family. She ended up permanently in Melbourne in the state of Victoria.

If you ended up like her and her family, it would be wise to think about getting life insurance for protection. Even though what you may think is purchasing a piece of paper, it is very important for it is protection for those you leave behind if ever something happened to you. It is said that our life hangs on a thread, and a pretty thin one at that. It is therefore very important for you to provide for income protection so that the dependents who depend on you to bring the pay check home every month. What will happen to them when the pay checks stopped if you did not provide for them to continue to have income even after you are gone.

Perhaps my nephew can confirm that with you as he is currently studying to be an actuary on Sydney, New South Wales. An actuary have to go through long period of study so that they actually can calculate the financial impact of risks and uncertainties of many thing including the risks and uncertainties of life. Even before he graduate, I am sure he can tell you about the importance of getting protection via life insurance. Otherwise, you can do your own research using the Internet. Even I can tell you about its importance too as I do know a thing or too about life insurance plus my sister-in-law is a pretty successful life insurance agency manager.

Another way is to get an insurance broker like life insurance which the site says they can offer free service to help you with all of your personal life, trauma, disablement and income protection insurance needs within Australia. You can get information about the types of insurance available to Australian residents.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

San Diego for Business and Leisure

San Diego is located on the Pacific coast in Southern California, United States of America. It is the economic center of the San Diego–Carlsbad–San Marcos metropolitan area and thus is a good destination for doing business.

However, San Diego is also blessed with a pleasant mild, sunny weather throughout the year with temperatures ranging from about 57°Fahrenheit in January to 72°Fahrenheit in July. It is also blessed with beautiful beaches including Torrey Pines State Beach, Black's Beach, La Jolla Shores, La Jolla Cove, Children's Pool Beach (La Jolla), Windansea Beach, Marine Street Beach, North Pacific Beach, Pacific Beach, Mission Bay Beaches, Mission Beach, South Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Sunset Cliffs and Dylan's Beach. Of all these, Mission Beach is the largest. If you go to San Diego for business, it is probably a good idea for you to take your family along for a nice business cum leisure trip.

San Diego Mission Beach luxury beachside suiteBefore you depart, it would be wise to book your accommodation first, and the most convenient way is from your office or home computer via the Internet. One such site to book accommodation online is San Diego Beach Rentals. If you plan to let your family have a nice vacation, looking for Mission Beach Rentals is probably what your family would like you to do. An example of what you can get is a beautiful suite at Mission Beach. The suite has very large windows that lets you enjoy the beautiful views of the beautiful sunsets and the sea shore. It comes ceiling fans in all rooms, televisions, Jacuzzi in the Master Bath and washer plus dryer. Let your family enjoy the luxury while you go about your business.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Florida, tourism, theme parks and beaches

The State of Florida located in the southeastern region of the United States of America has a mainly subtropical climate, except for southern Florida, where the climate is tropical. Warm weather, miles of beaches and scores of theme parks attracts millions of tourists and tourism plays a very large part in its economy. It is an attractive place to visit, particularly if you are looking to escape the cold climate of your area. The state has many vacation rentals for visitors and if you are looking for one for your planned visit to Florida, you should try Florida vacation rentals.

The world's largest vacation resort, the Walt Disney World Resort together with other amusement parks and the Universal Studios are located in Orlando and play a large part in attracting visitors to the state. Getting suitable accommodation for your vacation in Orlando should be no problem with Orlando vacation rentals.

Many people confuse Miami with Miami Beach and South Beach. Miami and Miami Beach are actually 2 different municipality while South Beach is but a beach in Miami Beach. Miami has the world's largest cruise harbor, the Miami Harbor, able to accommodate the largest cruise ships and many people depart for their Caribbean cruise from Miami Harbor. An architectural revolution in the 1930s brought Art Deco, Streamline Moderne, and Nautical Moderne architecture to South Beach. In 1966, the Jackie Gleason Show, a popular weekly variety series, was taped in South Beach, bringing more fame to the area. And recently the famous TV show, Miami Vice, brought international attention to the area. South beach is also a very popular place with fashion photographers frequently used the area for their photo shoots. The nightlife is very lively with many night clubs and restaurants. And the beach has also attracted nude sunbathing even though it is a public beach

Seek your accommodation through Miami Beach vacation rentals.

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Jersey City, a city for business and leisure

Jersey City is a city on the west bank of the Hudson River in Hudson County, New Jersey. It is just across from Lower Manhattan in New York City, and is part of the New York metropolitan area. It has 18 km of waterfront and very good rail connections. Jersey City is an important transportation terminal and distribution center with railroad shops, oil refineries, warehouses, and factories that manufacture all sorts of products including cosmetics, chemicals, electronics and all kinds of petroleum products. It is an important commercial and industrial center, port of entry and manufacturing center. Many large corporations headquartered in the crowded nearby Manhattan Island have branches here. It is an important business destination.

The Ellis Island is also a historical place for it is through here that many ancestors of the current inhabitants of United States of America passed through. An estimated 12 million people from Europe first landed here in search freedom of speech and religion, and for economic advancements. It is a short ferry trip from Jersey City.

The Statue of Liberty needs no introduction, and is also a short ferry hop from Jersey City via the Circle Line ferry at Liberty State Park.

Within Jersey City, there are also lots of Things to do like enjoying the Jersey City nightlife, entertainment, go shopping or visit various cultural destination and museums. And don't forget Fine dining and cocktail outlets

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wailea, Maui Island, Hawaii

Coconut trees on Hawaiian beachHawaii is a tropical archipelago in the mid-Pacific ocean consisting of six main islands and some minor islands and atolls. The biggest the the southern most is Hawaii Big Island. North of Hawaii Big Island is the popular Maui island on which is Wailea located between the base of a dormant volcano and the ocean, thus giving you a varied environment to explore and enjoy. Wailea was included in the list of the country's 99 Best Recreational & Residential Private Communities in America. It is a resort community doted with award-winning luxury hotels, resorts, posh homes and condominiums frequented by celebrates, the rich and famous and honeymooners. Wailea hosts the Maui Film Festival every June when movie stars take in movies under the glowing stars in the Maui sky. Wailea is a pricey place to be in, so if you plan to visit Wailea, bring lots of cash. However, it is also possible to visit Wailea on a budget too. Refer to the bottom of the post.

Among the things that Wailea is famous for are championship golf courses, tennis clubs, some of Hawaii’s finest spa facilities, high class shopping, five crescent-shaped beaches. The Wailea Beach was named "America’s Best Beach" by Doctor Stephen P. Leatherman (also known as "Dr. Beach") in 1999. The ocean off the beach is also visited by groups of 1,500 to 3,000 spouting humpback whales which arrives each December and stays until May. Some of them swim so close to the beach that they can be seen from the land. You can join whale-watching cruises as well as sea kayaks if you want to get close with the giant sea creatures.

If you are visiting Hawaii, you are actually participating in ecotourism (tourism concentrating on local culture, wilderness adventures, involves travel to destinations where flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions. Well, Hawaii is full of natural and diversed flora, fauna and distinct cultural heritage. However, any travel will involve the burning of depleting fossil fuel and CO2 emission, contributing to global warming. However, there are ways of offsetting such carbon emission. There are many sites offering ways of offsetting carbon emission and one such site is ClimateCare.

If you plan to visit Wailea, better book your accommodation ahead of your trip. You can do this conveniently via Hawaiian Beach Rentals. You can book condominiums at Wailea Condominiums. You have a choice of 85 condominiums to chose from at the time of publishing. If condominiums are not what you want, you may also chose hotels from Wailea Hotels or Wailea Vacation Rentals (only 6 of them). If those are too pricey for you, try Wailea Vacation Deals, Discounts and Specials (5 to chose from).

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Monday, April 23, 2007

What do you do with your children when you travel on business trips?

Do you often travel on business trips? What do you do with your children? Leave them in the house? What are they to do while you are gone?

Here is an interesting site where you can get ideas of what to do with your children when you go on long business trips - You can get them a book to read about places you travelled to. Went to New Your? has a book "Where was I? New York! written by Dave Carberry and illustrated by Hazel Mitchell. Get them involved. Get them to know about the places you went to. have more titles coming, so watch out for them.

Brought you kids with you when you travel on a business trip to New York? At there are lots of suggestions of what to do with your kids when they are with you in New York. Challenge your kids with geographical knowledge game.

You can read a Teacher's Kit, a guide for educators and parents on the book "Where was I? New York!".

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

When travelling, it is always advisable to book your accommodation in advance

Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, it is always a wise move to search and book for suitable accommodation in suitable location and at suitable price in advance. Towards this end, is an ideal online service for travellers. With, you can do that in 13 languages from the comfort of your home. You can search for hotels by check-in date, check-out date and location. The search function also have an advanced search feature where you can specify Star rating and features like parking, fitness center, Internet services, etc. has a comprehensive Hotel Guide which provides an insider's view into the top European hotels and travel destinations around the world. If you are searching for hotels in European cities like Barcelona, take a peep at Hotels in Barcelona or Prague at Prague City Hotels.

You can even get a look at maps showing the locations of the available hotels like this one for hotels in Prague:

Prague City Hotels Map

While concentrates on hotels in Europe, it is actually a world wide service. 2007 is Visit Malaysia Year, and I made a check for hotels in Kuala Lumpur, and it turned out 44 available hotels in 3 locations at Hotels in Kuala Lumpur.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Travelling to Milan? Book your accomodation online

Are you planning to travel to Milan, Italy? If so, it will be wise to book your accommodation ahead, so you are assured of a place to stay when you reach there, and not have to hunt desperately for accommodation when you reach there. If you don't do that, you may have to settle for accommodation that is not to your liking or at rates that you are not comfortable with, or worst, have sleep in public shelters if all accommodation are fully booked.

You can search for, and book online your accommodation at Discount Milan Hotels. You have a choice of 5 star hotels, 4 star hotels and 3 star and below hotels which you can examine at leisure from the computer in the comfort of your home. The rates are quoted inclusive of taxes, and there is are picture galleries of your potential accommodation (see screenshot below. Click to enlarge):

Milan budget hotel

This accommodation booking service is run by HotelClub which was voted the World's Leading Travel Distribution Service for 2005 at the 12th Annual Travel Awards Conference.

For further benefits, you can join their HotelClub Membership Program and be eligible for further benefits.

One can plan, but any plan can go awry. You may be forced to cancel your booking. Fortunately, HotelClub allows cancellation of booking, but there will be a cancellation fee involved.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Visit Extreme Rugged Remote Parashant Canyon National Monument

Visit Extreme Rugged Remote Parashant Canyon National Monument
by: Bob Therrien

Grand Canyon Parashant Canyon National Monument is not as well known as it’s bigger sister next door. On January 11, 2000, President Bill Clinton established the 1.1-million-acre Monument. This vast monument protects much of the Shivwits Plateau. The Shivwits is ecologically unique because it's where the Sonoran, Great Basin, and Mojave Deserts intersect. This region is a wildlife habitat for several endangered or threatened species. California condors, desert tortoises, willow flycatchers, bighorn sheep, and pronghorn antelope call this area home.

This is a very remote and undeveloped Monument. Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument is located in northwest Arizona, bordered by the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon National Park to the south and east, Nevada and Lake Mead to the west. Many people fly into Las Vegas as a Hub, and plan their visit from there.

The Monument information center is located in the lobby of the BLM Office in St. George, Utah. The address is 345 E. Riverside Drive, St. George, Utah, 84790. There you will find maps, field guides, books, and other items. Staff members are available to answer questions and provide safety information.

If you decide to add this to your adventure tours, here is the mileage from closest major cities: To Saint George from Las Vegas 118 miles, 190 km, From Phoenix 435 miles, 700 km, From Denver 631 miles, 1015 km.

There are only two semi-maintained trails in the Monument – Mt. Trumbull and Mt. Dellenbaugh. All other hiking is on unmarked routes or requires bushwhacking through dense brush or rugged terrain. Grand Canyon Parashant provides a sense of solitude to those who trek into its isolated areas. Located on the edge of the Grand Canyon, the Monument's expansive landscape showcases both natural and cultural history.

Of the points of interest in the Monument, here are the ones that the Bureau of Land Management point out:

• Virgin River Gorge Campground
• Condor Release Viewing Site
• Pakoon Springs
• Mt Trumbull Schoolhouse
• Sawmill Historic Site
• Witch’s Point
• Uinkaret Pueblo
• Nampaweap Petroglyph Site
• Tuweep Ranger Station
• Toroweap Campground
• Toroweap Overlook
• Tassi Spring
• Pearce Ferry Campground
• Pearce Ferry

To travel here, you must use caution, as it is off the beaten track. You must have the appropriate maps to find your way to and around the Monument. There are entry roads from Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. Plan your entrance point by your travel route. There are no paved roads or visitor services within the Monument's million-plus acres, so visitors need to be prepared by traveling with an appropriate high-clearance vehicle equipped with two full-sized spare tires. Some content provided by The National Park Service and AZ BLM.

About The Author
Bob Therrien is a travel writer and has traveled all over North America. He currently operates the website at Parashant Canyon.

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Toothache In A Foreign Land

Toothache In A Foreign Land
by: Steve Gillman

Getting a toothache while traveling overseas can be more than just annoying and inconvenient. It can ruin a good vacation. Here are some tips for preventing a toothache before you get on that plane, and for treating it if you get one anyhow.

Traveler's Dental Care

First of all, don't ever go on a long trip if you have an unresolved tooth problem, or even the hint of a toothache starting. Get it taken care of by a dentist, and if there is lingering pain, get a prescription pain reliever to take with you.

Have dental work done far enough in advance of your trip to be sure that all the pain is gone. It is common for a high spot on a new filling to cause severe pain days after it is put in. Any dentist can easily solve this by grinding it down - but wouldn't you rather have it done by the dentist you know and trust?

Avoid doing anything that can cause toothaches or other dental problems while traveling. Avoid eating popcorn, for example. It may be one of the worst foods for damaging teeth.

A toothbrush AND floss are a good idea on any trip, of course. Toothpaste may no longer be allowed on the plane, however. If you travel with only carry-on, this means you will have to remember to buy toothpaste as soon as you arrive at your destination. You can carry a bit of baking soda as an alternative as well - this will be allowed on the plane. Toothbrushes and floss are about dental problem prevention, of course, but what if your toothache starts while you're overseas?

Toothache Treatment

Try aspirin. Tylenol #3 is even better for a severe toothache. Antiseptics that contain benzocaine, applied directly to the irritated tooth and gum will temporarily relieve pain. Oil of cloves (eugenol) will also may help when applied to teeth and gums. Never put aspirin or other painkillers directly to gums, as they may burn your gum tissue.

Sometimes tooth pain does not originate in the teeth or gums, but in the sinus cavities. It may be a sinus infection putting pressure on the gums from above. In these cases, you might have to eliminate the infection with antibiotics to get relief. Some temporary relief is possible if you can clear the sinuses by steaming (carefully) your face, or eating hot sauce.

When teeth are temperature sensitive, you should obviously avoid hot and cold drinks. If it is cold outside, it will also help to breath through your nose. Breathing through the mouth brings cold air flowing over your teeth and can cause a lot of pain.

I have a toothache - the inspiration for this article. Two days ago I noticed that each time we drove over a mountain pass here in Colorado, the pain intensified. Descending below 8,000 feet seemed to take the pain away. If you notice this problem, be ready when flying - not all planes are fully pressurized.

Should you visit a dentist in another country? Certainly you'll have to if it is an emergency. Some toothaches are too severe to wait. You may prefer to just treat the pain until you get home otherwise. On the other hand, if the problem is simple, like a lost filling, some countries provide an opportunity for cheap dental care. Ask first, to see that the dentists are using gloves and the latest tools.

About The Author
Copyright Steve Gillman. For travel stories, tips and a free Travel Secrets e-book, visit:

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