Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jersey City, a city for business and leisure

Jersey City is a city on the west bank of the Hudson River in Hudson County, New Jersey. It is just across from Lower Manhattan in New York City, and is part of the New York metropolitan area. It has 18 km of waterfront and very good rail connections. Jersey City is an important transportation terminal and distribution center with railroad shops, oil refineries, warehouses, and factories that manufacture all sorts of products including cosmetics, chemicals, electronics and all kinds of petroleum products. It is an important commercial and industrial center, port of entry and manufacturing center. Many large corporations headquartered in the crowded nearby Manhattan Island have branches here. It is an important business destination.

The Ellis Island is also a historical place for it is through here that many ancestors of the current inhabitants of United States of America passed through. An estimated 12 million people from Europe first landed here in search freedom of speech and religion, and for economic advancements. It is a short ferry trip from Jersey City.

The Statue of Liberty needs no introduction, and is also a short ferry hop from Jersey City via the Circle Line ferry at Liberty State Park.

Within Jersey City, there are also lots of Things to do like enjoying the Jersey City nightlife, entertainment, go shopping or visit various cultural destination and museums. And don't forget Fine dining and cocktail outlets