Monday, April 23, 2007

What do you do with your children when you travel on business trips?

Do you often travel on business trips? What do you do with your children? Leave them in the house? What are they to do while you are gone?

Here is an interesting site where you can get ideas of what to do with your children when you go on long business trips - You can get them a book to read about places you travelled to. Went to New Your? has a book "Where was I? New York! written by Dave Carberry and illustrated by Hazel Mitchell. Get them involved. Get them to know about the places you went to. have more titles coming, so watch out for them.

Brought you kids with you when you travel on a business trip to New York? At there are lots of suggestions of what to do with your kids when they are with you in New York. Challenge your kids with geographical knowledge game.

You can read a Teacher's Kit, a guide for educators and parents on the book "Where was I? New York!".

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